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Ladies In Red (And Two Must-Owns)

On Saturday morning, I co-hosted the INC holiday fashion event with Camila Alves in Garden City…and it seemed like a good time to wear red. Holidays and all.

It was also Camila’s last public appearance as the INC Brand Ambassador, which made the whole thing a little bittersweet – I’ve had so much fun getting to know her over these past few months (Vegas! Seattle! Minneapolis!), and am excited to see what she ends up doing next.



On Camila: INC jacket and jeans.


On me: INC vest (also available in grey), shirt, jeans and boots.

I LOVED this outfit. First, I loved that I got to wear a cozy vest and jeans to host an event; they’re much more fun to run around on stage in than, say, a cocktail dress that, were I to fall (which is always possible) could easily result in some extremely not-good overexposure.

In fact, I ended up loving two of the pieces so much that I basically kept them on all weekend long. I think you might want to, too.

VEST: The vest (which is only available in stores at the moment, but I’ll let you know when it’s available online) is incredibly cozy: the bottom layer zips up, and the puffier top layer buttons over it, and I love that the faux fur hood is removable (not that I’d ever remove it, but it’s nice to have the option).

JEANS: Seriously these jeans are the best. I’m always on the hunt for perfect skinny jeans, but in recent years my taste has become even more specific: in addition to fitting well throughout the leg, I also want them to be lightweight (because heavy jeans make me nuts), have just the right amount of stretch (by which I mean enough to be flattering but not so much that they turn into leggings), and low enough to feel not-constricting…but not so low that I worry about bending over to, for example, pick up a child.

These are perfect perfect perfect. I promise. And – even better – they’re on sale for $54. (One note: you’ll want to go down at least a size; I’m a 27 in jeans and usually wear a 2 in less expensive brands and a 4 in more expensive brands, and in these I was a zero. I am not a zero. So if you’re ordering online it might be a good idea to order two and see which size fits, and then return the other.)

Event photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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