Sick Day Survival Kit

I hear there’s a plague going around.

Everyone is sick.

If you’re one of the hordes, I have some presents for you:

1. My ex-boyfriend’s go-to fever remedy (incredibly effective and the second-best thing that came out of that relationship, after Lucy);

2. A recipe for my Sick-Day Soup;

2. Francesca’s ginger-and-apple cold cure, which clears you up nicely;

3. A recipe for homemade NyQuil.

Now, let’s talk Sick Day Survival Kits. This is mine.



1. I have been drinking hot chocolate (the powdered Swiss Miss kind, not the fancy kind pictured here) like it’s my job for the past three days, mostly because my tastebuds are on strike and hot chocolate tastes as close to “good” as anything is going to get.

2. New PJs let me pretend that I am not scary-looking (I am).

3. The Lion King has been on repeat for son-entertaining purposes. The only problem with this is that being sick makes me an emotional basket case, and all I need to do is see that monkey lift baby Simba into the air for the waterworks to start (forget about the music; I can’t even think about the music in The Lion King without crying).

4. Oh my god, I love NyQuil so much.

5. Eye masks facilitate mid-day naps enormously. Mine is a black Bucky version with little pockets so you can blink, which is great, but leopard would be nice as well.

6. I should probably just buy stock in Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

7. UGG slippers (I own the Dakota) are the best. So cozy, and well-made, and (since the holiday season is on the way) an excellent gift, as well.

8. I haven’t lit a candle all weekend long – luxuriating in lovely scents hasn’t exactly been at the top of the priority list – but it occurred to me as I was writing this post that it might make me feel better to spruce up my surroundings a bit (I’m presently lying on the couch in a pile of tissues and dogs). So that’s what I’m going to do now.

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