My Looks


I was once asked who my “style icon” was, and after a bunch of waffling – I’d never been asked that before, and my instant reaction was to say “Audrey Hepburn”, because despite the fact that there are few people on the planet whose style resembles mine less, she seems to sort of be a de facto icon – I landed on Kate Hudson.

But you know who it really is?

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 6.32.49 AM

Her mom.

Seriously, if I had a fashion spirit animal, I would want it to be Goldie Hawn.

I just love her (particularly in the Overboard era), and especially love the fact that she clearly dresses exactly how she wants to dress, with only the vaguest accommodations made for small matters like “the occasion” – she just likes what she likes, and that’s what she wears. And usually, what she likes – and what she wears – is just a little bit weird.

bellbottom jeans leopard blouse

Let’s quickly take stock of the elements of this outfit:

– Leopard-print blouse

– Camouflage-print purse

– Cheetah-print belt

– Oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses

– Crazy faux fur coat

– A ton of gold jewelry

There’s a lot going on here. And yet – and I could be wrong – I think it works, mostly because each and every one of these prints is a relatively straightforward shape: no ruffles, flounces, or other extras. It’s almost…simple (not quite). A little weird. Maybe even…possibly?…a little bit Goldie.

gold rings and bracelet

faux fur coat

P.S. This coat is a work in progress: I didn’t like the belt it came with, so I threw on this not-quite-right cream one while I procrastinate about purchasing the black leather wrap belt that I think will work much better.

faux fur collar

bellbottom jeans

On me: Rachel Zoe coat (similar); Express blouse; Alice & Olivia jeans; UGG clogs; Boohoo belt; Pandora jewelry (part of an upcoming collaboration with InStyle Magazine and Pandora); Melinda Maria earrings; House of Harlow sunglasses; vintage necklace; Rebecca Minkoff purse.

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