Halloween Costume Alternatives For The Terminally Lazy




Seriously: every single year, on the day of Halloween, I think, “Huh. It would be really fun to actually get dressed up.”

But do I? Nope! Instead – every. single. year. – I am forced to admit once again that when it comes to festive attire I am a lazy, lazy person, and resign myself to the fact that my “costume” will consist of an ancient set of cat ears and a few whiskers drawn on with an old eyeliner pencil. This year, primarily in an attempt to avoid writing the exact broken-record post that you are presently reading, I even took the extra step of making an actual list on my iPhone to record ideas for couple costumes. I calendared a date to select and purchase one.

And I still managed to not do it.

Now, let me be clear: none of these costumes (which included Bonnie & Clyde, Danny and Sandy from Grease, and Wesley and Buttercup from The Princess Bridewere difficult to assemble; they might have required about fifty seconds of extra effort in the form of an Amazon purchase or two. But still:


If you’re similarly disinclined to do the whole dress-up thing, here are some more fashion-y than frightening ways for you to go ahead and phone it in right alongside me.


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