The Tablescape Of My Dreams (+ Ramshackle Glam Flash Sale)

noritake ramshackle glam 1

I love setting a pretty table. But I do not love setting a fussy table. I see those women who create centerpieces out of…I don’t know, crystal tree frogs and painted pumpkins studded with sapphires or whatever, and I think: how nice.

I can’t do that. I don’t have it in me.

I can, however, put together a table that’s both beautiful enough to get oohs and aahs from company and functional enough for everyday family use, and the way that I do this is by making sure that the pieces that I own are so unique and striking that all I have to do is set them down to create something spectacular.

This could not be more exactly the tablescape of my dreams (and I mean that literally, because I am a person who dreams about things like tablescapes): feminine florals and touches of gold, all grounded by bohemian, wooden pieces that give the entire look a little rustic flair. What you see here is a combination of a few different designs – all by Noritake China – that I’ve collected over the last couple of years working with the company, and that I mix and match both with other Noritake pieces and with vintage pieces I’ve collected from antique stores and flea markets over the years to create endless (and, I think, endlessly gorgeous) variety.


Now, some very, very cool news: for the very first time ever, Noritake China is offering a discount of 40% off (they’ve never before offered a discount even close to this) on the items in the collection that I curated for them (which includes all of the pieces seen here, and lots more beautiful things that I hand-picked because I thought you’d love them).

The sale is for five days only (October 21-25), and it’s a really extraordinary opportunity to pick up a very special gift…or to start crafting your own unique mix-and-match tablescape.

Click here to explore the Ramshackle Glam + Noritake China Collection (and remember, even after the flash sale is over RG readers can still get 15% off of all merchandise on with code GLAM15 during checkout).

noritake ramshackle glam 2

noritake ramshackle glam pumpkin soup 2

noritake ramshackle glam 3

Pictured here: Kona Wood chargers and bowls; Rochelle Gold dinner plates; Hertford salad plates; Vendome Gold wine glasses (all 40% off of listed price).

Recipe: Super-Simple Pumpkin Soup

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