Lust Or Less: Hologram Accessory

Alright, remember these shots of Rihanna out clubbing last summer?

Putting aside for a moment the fact that I could never, ever in my life pull off something like this (stomach and back-baring, brrr and I am An Old and nothankyou)…I love it. Love her hair, love her makeup, love the contrast between the top and the jeans, love that she felt that one technicolor sparkle piece wasn’t enough for an outfit and thought it’d be a good idea to add on a hologram purse and shoes…love it all.

Ever since, I’ve been sort of keeping one eye out for a really great hologram piece to add to my fall wardrobe…and I have found it.

I found two, actually!

But I only bought one.


Lust Or Less: Hologram Accessory


Can you guess which?!

I bet you can.

I’ve been in search of a great zip-around wallet for awhile now and that Milly hologram wallet is adorable (and easily doubles as a clutch, a la Rihanna)…but seven ninety-nine for that hologram skinny belt? With a gold buckle?!

Done, and it’s coming with me to Seattle and L.A. this weekend. (Probably mostly L.A.)

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