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Tailored Trousers, Three Ways

I’m an all-jeans, all-the-time person. I wear them with everything, and I wear them everywhere: on dates, to dinner, to meetings…everywhere. Major wardrobe ruts certainly make getting dressed easy, and I love my jeans, but still:

Sometimes you want to switch it up.

Tailored trousers (especially cropped to ankle length) are everywhere this fall, and such a fun way to feel just a touch more pulled-together, even on the weekend.

The first way I styled these pants: with a silky blouse, leg-lengthening pumps, and the best leather jacket ever. (If you’re looking to invest in a leather jacket this fall, look for one with cool details like those studs, fringe, or an asymmetrical collar – basically anything that makes it a little different and a little special.)

maxx pants 3

maxx pants 2

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.08.27 PM

I love navy and chartreuse; it’s a kind of unexpected combination that just really works. Add a scarf that incorporates all the different hues in your outfit to pull the whole look together, and keep your accessories simple – a bangle is really all you need with a look this statement-making.

maxx pants 5

maxx pants 4

maxx pants 6

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.09.22 PM

Last but not least, my favorite of these three looks: a feminine shell with a pretty bird print and a leather jacket that toughens it up just enough.

maxx pants 7

tj maxx leather jacket

maxx pants 9

All items pictured from T.J.Maxx (part of our fall style series; check out the T.J.Maxx Tumblr for more).

  • Stylish Housewife

    WOOT WOOT!!! Someone got a new lens!!! These pics look AMAZING! Oh how I wish someone would take my pics for me instead of me using my tripod & remote…lol. Love the new layout too! Congrats on speaking at LuckyFABB. All sorts of good things going on over here. =)

    XOXO, Jenn
    The Stylish Housewife

    • jordanreid

      alas, no – those were taken by not-me and not-my-husband (a.k.a. an actual professional who did a whole fall series for RG). one day hopefully i’ll be able to achieve this effect on my own!