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Made For Walking

Truth: I didn’t think that thigh-high boots were something that I’d be able to wear.

Or at least not something I’d be able to wear and pull off.

I mean, I live in a semi-woodsy section of the suburbs. I have a two-year-old with whom I do two-year-old things like go to Storytime at the children’s library. Thigh-high boots? Hm.

But let’s be honest: the fact that an item of clothing is perhaps vaguely inappropriate for a given set of circumstances isn’t something that’s ever stopped me before. And in Kate Moss’s video campaign for Stuart Weitzman (which I saw at the premiere party that I went to last week, and then also saw again once I got home because it’s awesome enough to watch twice), she…

You know what? Just watch it. (I promise, I wouldn’t tell you to watch what’s effectively an ad if it wasn’t really good. It’s that good.)

See? Tell me you’re not sold.

Anyway, she got me.

I literally hear “These Boots Were Made For Walkin'” playing in my head when I’m walking down the street wearing these. Literally.

I wore them out last weekend night with a sweaterdress and tights to get burgers and beer on Main Street, and sure, I may have been the only mama at the picnic table wearing boots quiiite that high…but that’s fine by me.

stuart weitzman boots ramshackle glam 2

stuart weitzman boots ramshackle glam 6

stuart weitzman boots ramshackle glam 3

stuart weitzman boots ramshackle glam

stuart weitzman boots ramshackle glam 5

On me: Highland Boots c/o Stuart Weitzman; Hanes Silk Reflections Blackout tights; Juicy Couture sunglasses; sweater from T.J.Maxx; Legacy Satchel c/o Botkier.

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