Cucumber Yogurt with Mint & Olive Oil

Doesn’t that just look like a perfect storm of good things?

Last weekend, when we were wandering around the city, Kendrick and I passed a little frozen yogurt shop and peered in the window to read the menu of specialty concoctions. I was confused for a moment as to why anyone would put cucumber and olive oil on frozen yogurt (not that that’s necessarily a bad idea, just a slightly confusing one), and then realized: oh. Not a frozen yogurt shop. A yogurt yogurt shop. (Chobani, specifically.)

We ended up continuing on our way without going in, but I kept thinking about that cucumber and olive oil yogurt all week long, and so today I thought I’d give it a shot myself.

What You Need (serves 1):

1 cup good-quality Greek yogurt

1/4 cup diced English cucumber

3 or 4 leaves of mint, chiffonaded (or just finely chopped)

Sea salt

1/2 tsp olive oil

What You Do:

Mix together first four ingredients (adding salt to taste; I like quite a lot), then drizzle over olive oil. Garnish with another mint leaf.

Serve with a few pita triangles on the side.

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