Weekend Snapshots

See that?

That is a happy and relaxed person, right there.

I’ve never been to Cape Cod before in my life (we stayed in Chatham, where our friends Colin and Leslie’s wedding was held) but by Sunday morning I was sort of casually browsing the real estate section and fantasizing about living in a weathered shingle house with a big, white Nora Ephron movie-esque porch, spending my afternoons drinking Arnold Palmers and eating steamed clams.

Or something.

Maybe when we retire.

Sure, Kendrick and I went on a vacation together not that long ago…but a family vacation is a different thing entirely than a just-us-two vacation (my mom watched our son, because 9+ hours of driving in the space of 36 or so hours is just not the most fun proposition with a toddler)…and it was a good thing. Getting that “us” time.

This weekend was my 10-year college reunion, actually, and I was a little bummed to miss it…but a) my college boyfriend got married this weekend, and about 90% of our college friends overlapped and were headed to his wedding rather than the reunion, and b) any opportunity I get to hang out with this particular group of people is one that I would very much like to take if at all possible. Oh my goodness, was it fun.

Stephen – you remember him; he and his husband were our neighbors when we lived on the UES – road-tripped it up with us, and then we spent Saturday morning more or less in this position.

I like Chatham a lot.

All the guys you see in the photos below were in a singing group together at college, which means that they tend to perform at each others’ weddings (they performed at ours; I’ve been thinking I’d like to post the video one of these days, so keep an eye out), and so while Stephen and Kendrick went off for a midday rehearsal I snuggled up with a lobster roll.

And then: wedding time!

Remember the Nora Ephron movie set I mentioned that I would like to live in one day? I think she may have storyboarded this wedding. Oysters and setting suns and oversized white peonies and seagulls and Adirondack chairs and singing.

And this.

I love these two.

Later on, there were sparkles and pizza and loud renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner and a period during which I may have danced rather enthusiastically to “Call Me Maybe” (there is video evidence, but I think that one should probably remain in the Personal Files). Stilettos were tossed aside for flip-flops.

And there was a moment when Kendrick and I decided to wander out to the beach all alone and dance like crazies by the fire pit. Everything about the weekend was wonderful, but that was most wonderful of all, I think.

I turn into a pumpkin at ten these days, but managed (with significant encouragement from Kendrick’s extremely persuasive friends) to stay out until the unthinkable hour of one A.M.

There have been mornings in my life when I’ve felt better, not gonna lie.

These helped.

What a weekend.

On me: Top photo – Banana Republic hat, dress via T.J.Maxx, Foley & Corinna fringe purse, Crocs sandals, necklace c/o Swati Jr*. Wedding – post to come.

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