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In today’s edition of “Why I Love The Internet”: the mystery of my thrift-store chair was solved…by the son of the man who made it (read through to the comments).

New car! (Sort of.)

Fun Route 66-inspired sale today on Joss & Main. And if you’re looking for white ’50s-inspired mesh chairs, this is a pretty great price for a set of 4.

Love the shape of this not-so-basic black bikini by Adia.

I haven’t taken off these rings since they arrived.

The Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Capsule Collection is available in stores now – check out my favorite pieces from the collection here.

Broke in my new Le Creuset last night making penne bolognese. And you know what? I kind of thought the whole “Le Creuset is amaaaaazing” thing was probably just an exaggeration, but no: I noticed a dramatic and immediate difference (mostly because it heats evenly all through, so you don’t need to move stuff around in the pan as much).

Still obsessed with Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Detangler*. I’ve been using it every single time I wash my hair for over a year now, so I’d call that a major stamp of approval.

A contest where you can send in a photo of yourself with your favorite crockpot recipe and win five grand sounds good to me.

My birthday is this weekend! I’m not really into birthdays, but it’s a nice excuse to go see a movie, maybe make reservations at a sushi restaurant, et cetera. It’s also the first weekend that our local pool will be open, so my plan is to be completely horizontal on the grass on one of these all Sunday long.

*As Dove’s Hair Brand Ambassador, all products referenced in this post were provided by Dove.

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