A Little Bit Country

Q. Hi Jordan,

I’m having a girls’ weekend in Nashville in late June and I’m having trouble figuring out what to wear. We plan on going out to bars and dancing. Style-wise, I have nothing country…and I don’t want to be too costume-y. Any help would be great!

– Leah

A. One of my favorite items in my entire closet is a pair of maroon cowboy boots that I found for ten bucks at a Salvation Army in Colorado during my freshman year of college and that I wore for about ten years straight, spending way more than they wore worth to patch them up every time they completely fell apart (which they did about four times). They even have a nick in them from a for-real switchblade – a little incident that occurred during a particularly raucous evening of tending bar at Hogs ‘n’ Heifers.

This is all to say that “just a little bit country” is totally my favorite way to dress, so I love this question.

The key to making country-western not look costume-y is to restrict yourself to only one seriously on-topic piece (like fringed boots), and then to keep the rest of your look relatively streamlined (a simple shell blouse, fitted denim). Adding a little wink with your jewelry can’t hurt either; my personal opinion is that earrings with feathers on them should probably be worn whenever and wherever possible.



The main thing that we need to talk about are those Isabel Marant boots (the black ones in the lower right corner): they have hidden wedges inside to give you a little extra height, are currently on the feet of every single celebrity in Hollywood, and are on my personal Dream List. But they’re also nearly $700, so I included a few more affordable – and just as cute – boot options, as well.

Have fun in Nashville!

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