My Looks

Whatever, Heat Makes Me Wacky

Alright, so this is what I’ve been wearing for most of this week. Sort of a Parody Of A Tourist On Vacation, what with the ridiculous (by which I mean amazing, of course) hat, completely beach-inappropriate (yet also amazing, of course) jewelry, comfortable t-shirts (but with a touch of pizazz), and denim shorts (I love the print on these).

From the neck down it’s 100% me, and then from the neck up it’s sort of like me if I were the kind of extremely wealthy that makes you dress weird, and maybe forty or fifty years older.

I think it’s fantastic. And it hides my hair, which is in a sort of in-between bang stage thanks to the fact that I haven’t had any time to make it to the salon for a trim, and has decided to transform into an Angry Humidity Creature unless I pull it into this twisty updo thing (I’ll show you later on; it’s actually a pretty handy trick for those of you who might be growing out your bangs in the summertime).

Dramatic pose befitting dramatic hat? Check.

On me: BCBG hat; GANT sunglasses; Supertrash earrings; Tee and shorts via T.J. Maxx; sandals c/o Crocs; clutch c/o Ann Taylor.

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