More Shots From The Travels

Remember how I said this resort was an excellent, excellent choice for a vacation (especially with a toddler)? A few more examples, just because:

Hello, cutie pie. And sunburn. (DIY sunburn relief remedies here.)

When we heard that there was something called a “Crazy Painting Party” going on yesterday afternoon, obviously we thought it might be a good idea to stop by.

It appears that we were right.

This is the spot our son chose for his dance performance last night: right smack on the middle of the stage, with the band (they encouraged this, don’t worry). A little body-spinning, a lot of clapping, and a whole bunch of drum-set obsession.

Beach Baby

Oh yes: and on another night, there was this.

Oh my goodness, I love trapeze. If I was eighteen years old and extremely tan, I would immediately beg Club Med to hire me to do trapeze and trapeze-related things all day long. (Seriously, these kids are the most gorgeous, fittest, and friendliest people in the world. They’re like Happy Tan Bots. The guy pictured with me above is also apparently the world’s biggest Harlem Shakes fan, which is really nice.)

Kendrick loved it, too.

What the guy’s saying to me at the end of the video, by the way, is that I need to chill out on the jazz hands and just be a normal person and reach backwards if I’m ever going to try doing a “catch”. I’m working on it.

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