The D.R., So Far…

This week has been pretty stellar.

We’re at a Club Med in the Dominican Republic, and yes: as advertised, Club Med (and this one in particular) is an excellent, excellent choice for a vacation with a toddler. The only con, to me, is the food: it’s all sorta buffet-style, and totally fine, but not great. If, however, you’re a family with kids that wants to have tons of options, have them available all the time, and be able to get in and get immediately back out to the Object Of Obsession (the pool the pool the pool), it’s fantastic…and we’re firmly in that category, so this place is perfect for us.

This Club Med is also very specifically set up for families: pretty much everyone is here with kids, and it’s more or less a child paradise. There’s even a “Baby Club” where you can drop off your child in the playground to end all playgrounds (it’s enormous, with on-land structures and water-type structures, and incredibly nice staffers, and an indoor, air-conditioned area for naps) while you do adult stuff (I have a trapeze session scheduled for later on today).

Let’s back it up to Saturday.

The very first thing we did was figure out that – if nothing else – at least we know he fits in the overhead compartment.


Next stop: mad-dash catapulting towards the pool at top speed (which is really very remarkably fast for such a small person) EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. Especially the moments when Mom and Dad decide to turn their heads for a split second and/or blink.

He doesn’t want to get in, exactly – it’s more about being nearby – but still: it’s a serious love affair going on over here.

This might be my favorite picture ever.

This one is a close second. (Our son actually pets that particular creature’s head like he’s Lucy.)

At night we sit on the porch for a bit and look at the ocean, read books…

…contemplate a jail-break, that kind of thing…

And then we head out for the evening’s activities. This shot is the closest we’ve come to an all-three-of-us photo (our son is spinning like a top somewhere over to the left), but we’re working on it.

Regarding that “spinning like a top” thing: it turns out that a slight interest in being on stage runs in the family.

On me, above: Dress The Population maxi dress, earrings c/o Melinda Maria.

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