Out With The Old, In With The Blue

Alright, I’m not gonna lie: this isn’t my favorite outfit in the world.

The pants? Favorite. I bought them in Colorado and have barely taken them off since; they’re just the most comfortable things in the world.

And I love them with the teal blouse and the matching shoes, but the navy sweater just…eh. It sort of dulls down the whole look.

But you know what? Sometimes one is cold, and so one puts on a navy sweater that doesn’t quite match because that’s just how life goes. And yeah, this sweater is a good eight years old and has seen better days, but I have so many fond memories of it that I wanted to wear it one more time before it gets too warm.

If you’ve been reading RG for awhile you may have heard this story before, but it’s so weird that I think it bears repeating: basically, a few years ago the fashion house Trovata decided that rather than hold a show, they would hire two actors to run around various Fashion Week events pretending to be non-English-speaking Romanian royalty and wearing their clothing (you can check out all the shots of the line here – that’s me, I promise, I was just brunette and wearing extensions). They hired me and an actor named Clint, gave us bodyguards, a PR team, a white Rolls Royce and a cat (complete with “cat handler”), and then hired a couple of photographers to pose as paparazzi and follow us around taking our photograph as if we were famous.

Which, of course, made people think we were famous.

And so we landed on websites, and in trade magazines, and the short of it was that Trovata ended up getting way more press for the stunt than they would have gotten for a regular old fashion show.

Walking around speaking in a made-up language while wearing couture, carrying animals, and taking photos with people like Anna Wintour was as completely surreal as it sounds, and was also one of the single coolest experiences of my life. And I met Kendrick that week, so that was nice, too.

They didn’t let me hold onto all the pieces that I wore to the events, of course, but on the very last day of Fashion Week we held a “coming out” celebration, and what I chose to wear was the navy sweater you see here paired with a button-down, red tights and…well, nothing else. Which is, of course, a completely ridiculous thing to wear. But I loved it.

Here’s a (blurry, sorry) shot from that night. I ended up wearing that outfit home from the party, and the designers let me keep the sweater, and ever since it’s been one of my very favorite possessions.

So yeah, after years and years of constant wear it might not look quite as fabulous as it used to…but it’s not going anywhere. There are some pieces of clothing that are more than clothing, and so they get worn whether they’re just-right or not.

On me: Trovata sweater; blouse via T.J. Maxx; Free People jeans; Cole Haan pumps (this color is sold out, but they’re still available in lavender and camel); anchor necklace c/o Juicy Couture; Ann Taylor blue necklace; Lena Erziak purse; fake Ray-Bans borrowed from Kendrick.

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