My Looks

Kind Of Sort Of Sporty (But Not Really)

I get very confused when I try to dress in a way that in any manner approximates “sporty”.

Basically, if sneakers (and yes, I consider slip-ons sneakers; you’re talking about someone who owned the same pair of running shoes for over ten years, so to say that my standards are fairly loose when it comes to these things would be an understatement) are involved and a trip to the gym isn’t in my immediate future, I honestly have no idea what to do.

Do I want to pretend to be an actual athletic person and wear, I don’t know…Patagonia? Spandex? Neon things?

Do I want to just give up the pretense entirely and go for a girly blouse and pretty jewelry?

Or do I want to give a little nod to the fact that I theoretically could go for a jog were going for a jog something I was interested in doing (it’s not) and wear sporty-ish stripes that aren’t particularly sporty at all, but we can pretend?

This weekend, I got very excited about the idea of wearing a pair of Keds that look exactly like the Keds that I had (and drew on) when I was in middle school and went for the sporty-ish stripes option (pictured above)…

And then changed.

Because it was a Saturday and Saturdays are for being enormously unproductive, because I was freaking out so much about the fact that it’s (FINALLY) getting lovely and warm(ish) out that I needed to try on everything in my closet in celebration, and because sometimes it’s fun to keep husbands waiting to eat brunch while you try on tops because man, do they ever get grumpy.

Anyway, I liked what I ended up in – a zig-zaggy silk blouse, an animal-print belt, boyfriend jeans, and slightly ridiculous sunglasses – quite a lot, actually.

Let’s take a closer look.

On meAnn Taylor Zig Zag Pring Camp Shirt, Stud Earrings, and Animal Print Skinny Belt; necklace c/o Ippolita, Gant sunglasses; Sophia Forero ring; slip-ons c/o Keds; jeans via T.J. Maxx; bag c/o Brahmin (previously seen here).

Top look: Sweater via T.J. Maxx; Alexandra Satine Rue Rivoli purse.

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