In The Zone

In The Zone

I’ve written before about my “comfort zone” outfit: that thing that I wear on the first day of school, or for a first date, or for any kind of a first, really. It’s what I put on when I’m maybe not feeling perfectly comfortable about where I am or who I’m with…because in this outfit I’m always certain that if nothing else, I look exactly like myself.

For about twenty years now (seriously), my comfort zone outfit has been one variation or another on these pieces:

White top.


A little leather.

Colorful-ish accessory.

That’s it.

Yesterday I was feeling in need of the sartorial equivalent of a hug, and so into my happy place I went, this time with an oversized knit sweater (it’s actually a fairly fitted tunic sweater, but I went two sizes larger than my “real” size), cuffed denim, and some pretty crazy-awesome (I think) heels. Favorite bag, a little jewelry, and there you go: I was in the zone.

It was exactly where I needed to be.

On me: Ann Taylor sweater and long necklace, Hannah Warner medium-length necklace, pendant c/o Ippolita, jeans via T.J. Maxx, J. Crew purse, Loeffler Randall heels, watch c/o Timex.


  1. Hi Jordan, you know how much I love your style & site, please help with some ideas for wearing camo in summer. I love army green, shorts, tees, dresses etc but don’t want to look like I’ve enlisted. Much appreciated! anthea

  2. Oh my gosh, i love your zone look!! Mine is usually skinny jeans with flats and a tshirt under a cuffed suit jacket…preppy and casual. Of course, some kind of colorful necklace is a must with me.

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