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Two Fresh Beauty Ideas For Spring

I wear more or less exactly the same makeup every single day of my life.

The basics – MAC Studio Fix, Orlane bronzer, NARS blush, Sephora liquid liner, Dior mascara, and either red lipstick or a glossy neutral; click here for a full list – have stayed put for years now, both because I’m a creature of habit and because I think when it comes to the fundamental elements of your makeup routine, it’s nice to know what works for you and to be able to robot your way through your morning beauty routine and get out the door with enough time to stop at McDonald’s for an egg and cheese biscuit (just saying).

So on a day-to-day basis, I tend not to experiment with totally out-of-the-box (for me) looks. But! As the weather warms up, I get more excited about leaving the house and doing it up a bit generally, so hey, it’s a good time to start having a bit more fun with color.

Presenting: two new looks that I’m excited to try out this season, inspired by MAKE’s gorgeous new shades.

Look #1 (Minty Fresh): The focal point of this look is pale, mint-green lids (MAKE Pigment Powder in Reykjavik)…but the key to wearing such a vivid shade is to keep it confined to a small area. Try applying the shadow just to the lid (don’t extend it up onto the brow-bone), and define your eyes with a thin swipe of black liquid liner. To keep the look from being cartoonish, skip the dark lipstick: a nice finishing touch is a glossy, pale-pink lip courtesy of one of my personal favorites, NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight.

Tip: When choosing a bright eyeshadow, a good rule of thumb is to go for paler shades if you’re fair, and more vivid tones if you have darker skin.

Look #2 (Pop Of Pink): I’m so excited to try this look out, mostly because it’s so easy and fresh-looking. You know how you’re usually not really supposed to “see” your blush? Well, this look is about majorly flushed cheeks – so it’s OK to go for a not-exactly-natural shade like hot pink (that’s MAKE Matte Finish Blush in Vegas). As with the bright eyeshadow, though, remember to keep such a vivid shade confined to a smallish area (the apples of your cheeks). For the rest of your face, go for bare and glowing: try finishing the look with a really great mascara (I’m using Dior Extase right now, which is phenomenal and creates seriously enormous lashes) and a barely-there lip balm.

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