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A Little Bit OCD And A Whole Lot Awesome

I have a lot of nailpolish. Mostly because I never throw it out (bad), but also because I’m very much a victim of trends when it comes to switching up my shade du jour. For awhile there I was all about maroons so deep they were almost black (like Essie Wicked, which I apparently own in triplicate)…and then I was into China Glaze’s Hunger Games Collection (earthy neutrals and a few fun metallics)…and then I went through a sorta weird sorbet-shades thing (Fingerpaints’ Gumpdrops & Lollipops Collection)…and now I’m back to pale pinks (Essie Sugar Daddy is on my tips right now).

Oh, and press-ons. Love them.

It’s rarely a good thing when a character from The Hills inspires you to do…well, anything at all – but in this case, Lauren Conrad’s Instagram feed (via US Weekly) ended up convincing me that it was time to put an end to the madness happening in my bedside table.

That girl is organized.

I am…maybe a little bit less so.

I mean, this is not good. Not only is it impossible to tell what colors I have…this much disorganization means that a) I only ever use the bottles at the very top, because I don’t want to dig down into the depths, and b) I end up buying way too many duplicate colors.


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