Ikea Tobias Chairs: Good Buy

Ikea Tobias Chairs: Good Buy

Q. Hi Jordan,

Recently you posted those incredible finds of IKEA chairs! I love how great they look and the price, of course.

I’m considering buying a set for my home and just wanted to see what you thought after having them for a while. Are they comfortable at all? How are they holding up?



A. Hi! The short answer about the IKEA Tobias chairs is that I love them. For years and years I’ve fantasized about owning for-real Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs…but those are over $400 each (no), and mine were $80 each (yes), and I feel like they have that same simple, retro feel.


Will they last forever? I mean, Ikea furniture seems to have an expiration date, but these have so few parts that I honestly can’t imagine what could happen to them. Since I work at the dining room table I sit on one all day long, and I find them totally comfortable (a friend we had over for dinner also commented that they were much more comfortable than she’d imagined they’d be). And with regards to daily upkeep, they do attract some dust and fingerprints (you can see it a bit in the top photo; I didn’t wipe down the chairs before taking it), but since they’re clear you can only see smudges when the light hits them just right. It hasn’t bothered me at all.

Some in-the-wild inspiration shots for you:

I love the idea of pairing the chairs with light (even translucent) tables for a super-clean look that’s great for a small apartment…

But this setup, which plays on the contrast between minimalist chairs and a rustic wood table, is more in line with what I went for.




  • OhThatLaura

    Heads up, if you like the ghost chairs, there are lots of places online that sell replicas. Target actually had them, but they’re not currently available online. Here’s another manufacturer who has them for $80/each (for set of 4) — http://stackchairdepot.com/merchant2/ghost-chair.html?gclid=CPSp1aqLwLUCFYqf4AodZVYApQ

    • jordanreid

      Ooh. Thank you!

  • Chelsea Mac

    I am in love with the Louis Ghost chairs but not so much the price! This IKEA option definitely gives a similar feel at a much do-able price point! Great find and reccomendations!

    Haute Child in the City

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