Get Ready For Twitter’s New Video-Sharing App: Vine

Heard of Twitter’s new video-sharing app, Vine?

It’s super fun.

What Is It? Basically Instagram, but with 6-second looping videos (similar to GIFs, but a total no-brainer to create) instead of photos. You can create and share videos in seconds, as well as “like” and comment on your friends’ creations.

The Upside: Videos! That loop! Whee!

The Downside: You can’t post videos to your blog (unless you’re on Tumblr) without first sending them to yourself and then uploading them to YouTube or a similar video-sharing site. Facebook has decided that it wants no part of the whole thing. And the app doesn’t let you edit or even review your videos before you post them…which means I think we have a lot of bloopers in our future. Which might be an upside, depending on how much you enjoy seeing people accidentally embarrass themselves.

I made my first video this afternoon while going majorly blonde at John Sahag Workshop, and…well…I’m not very good at it.


Check out the glory here (and remember to sign up for Vine and follow Ramshackle Glam for more on-the-go excitement).

P.S. Speaking of John Sahag Workshop, my colorist Doug is now offering a new service called Extensives – hair extensions that use an adhesive process similar to Platinum Seamless, but are more affordable thanks to the fact that the product is reusable (you purchase the extensions once, and then can have them reapplied to your locks every 2-3 months). Call (212) 750-7772 for more info (and be sure to mention RG for a 10% discount on Keratin treatments).

  • I have been having a blast on Vine. Glad you are on board.

  • Lex

    Can you post some clearer photos of your hair? It looks great and I have a hair appt coming up and need inspiration!

    • jordanreid

      Sure! I actually just put up a post with a few more photos, but my hair is up in those as well. What I did (or rather Doug at John Sahag did): lighten the base color a little (a quick single process), and then add balayage highlights on top.

      • Lex

        Thanks for the info! It looks amazing!