Fresh Scents For Spring

I’m tired of winter (yes, already…and I know, we’ve got quite a lot of it left). I want wide-open windows, warm breezes, and my beloved hammock, and I want them right now, please.

In the meantime, though, I’ll settle for some airy, Spring-evoking home scents.

In the bathroom: try a nautical-inspired scent with a hint of citrusy freshness. (I also like the idea of using a travel-sized diffuser like the one pictured here in the bathroom; it’s just powerful enough for a small area, and the miniature size suits the space perfectly.)

In the office, try a blend of lavender and lemon verbena to keep you calm and productive.

In the bedroom, go for a delicate, refreshing floral fragrance.

In the kitchen, one of my favorites: a light-as-air blend of crisp cucumber, fresh lime, and bamboo (every single person who comes into our home when I have this candle burning immediately comments on how amazing it smells).

And in the living room, try freshening your space with the scent of paperwhite narcissus blossoms.

Click here for lots more tips on how to scent your home from top to bottom.

All products pictured provided by Archipelago Botanicals

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