Dining Room Chair Success

My mom has been completely perplexed by my reluctance to purchase new dining room chairs.

I mean, it’s true: ours are kind of ugly. And Formica, which is fine, but not exactly spectacular. And one is broken (Kendrick). And on top of all that, they were inherited from the former tenants of our former apartment, which means that we didn’t even pay for our kind of ugly Formica broken chairs.

“Jordan,” Mom says. “You buy things like plaster deer heads and fire pits. Please buy a chair that has a back on it.”

And, you know, that makes sense. Chairs with backs are probably more important items to own than plaster deer heads (although it’s a close call when your deer head has sparkle antlers, just saying).

But I just didn’t feel like buying new ones. Partially because I wasn’t sure what would look right with our big old rustic table but still keep the space feeling light and airy, and mostly because the thing about chairs is that even if you find an affordable one…you have to buy, you know, more than one. And that’s when the “affordable” ends and the “panicking” starts.

But while Ikea is most certainly a major pain, it is also most certainly a) cute and b) affordable. So: new dining room chairs.

Ta da!

I love them. The space – which already felt bigger thanks to the new floors – feels even more open now.


I put them together all by myself. 

Sort of.

  • MorganBrasfield

    GREAT choice. Love them even more than the metal ones we were looking at.

    • jordanreid

      ooh – i’m glad! i loved the silver ones too but i think these fit the space better.

  • I LOVE these! Do you find that you are constantly wiping little kid fingerprints off or is it not really a big deal?

    • jordanreid

      I haven’t noticed anything so far, but we’ve only had a handful of fingerprinting opportunities in the last 24 hours or so. Ask me again in a week 🙂

      • Catherine B

        How are you finding the upkeep of the fingerprints and dust now (five years later 😉) thanks!

  • Guest

    It’s so much easier to navigate ikea if you take a picture of what you’re thinking about buying (and the tag) rather than fighting with the pencils. Also–if you decide you want the futon later you may be able to just order it online and have it shipped (and it looked like last time I priced it that the charge didn’t go up when you added stuff up to a point if there are other large things you need) and save yourself another meltdown. Good luck!

  • For reasons I can’t quite explain, these new chairs make me want to paint your table a bright turquoise. Maybe because they lighten the space up so much? Or because they’re kind of pop art?

    • jordanreid

      i totally see what you’re saying. i mean, the truth is that the table is just way too heavy and dark for the place (which is why you don’t buy enormous pieces of furniture before you buy a home). i’d like to swap it out for something airier (i was thinking white with a glass top, but turquoise would look amazing against the yellow walls), but kendrick adores the table and says it’s his favorite thing in the house, so i’m not sure i should mess with it. ah, compromises 🙂

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