Last-Minute Gifts

For your colleague, Secret Santa, or your child’s teachers (remember to check what the school policy on gifts is first): a little bit of Body Shop deliciousness (all of the gifts pictured above are $20 or under).

Clockwise from top left: Cranberry Joy Bath Crystals, Ginger Sparkle Reed Diffuser, Vanilla Bliss Body Scrub, Born Lippy Lip Balm Set, Vanilla Bliss Hand Wash, Fruit & Nut Lip Trio.

For the stocking that isn’t quite stuffed: a fun, retro bath product from Lush.

From left: Sandy Santa scrubSnowcake soap, Magic Wand bubbles.

For the kid in your life who’s impossible to buy for: just get him night-vision camcorder goggle things. Just do it.

  • Olivia


    As a teacher, I can tell you…I personally am not a fan of candles, soaps, or bath thingys…I just don’t use them at home, and I tend to re-gift them, which I guess…is helpful in many ways. Teachers love: GIFTCARDS. More than that, teachers love: handwritten notes from the kids.

    See, teachers just want to be acknowledged. We want you to say, “we know you not only exist, but you care about our kid.”

    Also, no to the homemade food. Sorry, but we throw it out.

    Gifts teachers do love: scarves, giftcards, mugs and thermoses, cutting boards and wooden cooking utensils (I got this once and loved it!), a note from the parents thanking us for all our hard work…

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Also, despite the school policy on gifts, a little box of chocolates and a note (or $5 to dunkin donuts!) is always SO SO appreciated!

    • jordanreid

      this is great info, thank you!

  • Olivia

    Also: I want to add…if you are going to give a gift to more than oh, maybe 2 teachers…then give it to ALL the teachers who touch your kids’ life daily. I work in a SMALL school, and just today…a bunch of teachers got a gift from a family and I didn’t (I happen to think this is based on my political views (ahem, liberal) which the parents don’t agree with…not that I’m open with them or share them!)…anyway, parents: think about your actions!

    (I’ll get off my educational soapbox now!)