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Late Nights And Lazy Beauty Routines

Not gonna lie: I’ve been less tired than I am this morning. Kendrick’s office party was last night, and while it wasn’t a super late one (there were very small people in attendance, as you can see)…it was a later-than-usual one.

During the holiday season (partypartyparty), there are lots of those nights. You know what I mean: evenings when you roll through the door too exhausted to even think about anything even approximating a complicated beauty routine.

Now, that doesn’t mean going to sleep without doing anything – all it means is paring things down to the absolute basics.

1. Start by removing your eye makeup (I’m obsessed with Simple Skincare’s Eye Make-Up Remover, which gets off everything and is incredibly gentle). Even when you’re keeping your routine streamlined, this is a must if you’re all done up in holiday makeup – glittery shadows, eyeliner, and mascara can all cause eye irritation (or at the very least a not-so-pretty awakening) if left on overnight. I learned this the hard way, just so you know.

2. Next: a face wash that gets everything off without stripping skin of moisture, like Simple’s Moisturizing Facial Wash. My skin is crazy sensitive in the winter, so it’s important to me that every single thing I put on my face be especially soothing and emphasize hydration.

3. Final step: moisturizer (I use Simple’s Vital Vitamin Night Cream, which helps restore skin overnight). Even if your eyelids are doing a cement impression, this is so important for keeping your skin in working order through the cold months.

And if you have a seriously rough night and even this three-step process sounds like too much to bear…hey, that’s what the cleansing wipes in the bedside table are for.

Done and done.

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