Behind The Scenes: Cosmopolitan Shoot

Here’s the thing:

Life isn’t always great.

And sometimes, in a weird way, it’s easier to write about the not-so-great stuff because…ok, you know how when a friend of yours falls in love, and you’re really, really happy for them (seriously and genuinely happy for them), but still: there are only so many hours of HE IS SO AMAZING I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH that you can take before your ears start to disintegrate? I get that. And I’m grateful for the things that I have, but I also try to be extremely straight with you about the things that aren’t all that wonderful, or that at the very least could use some improving. There are ups and downs. Of course.

Lately, though? I don’t know what’s in the air, but the truth is that things have been on a bizarre-great upswing these past couple of months (Aerosmith concerts! Generally happy, healthy and loving family! Christmas, whee!). And that’s fantastic, of course, but it can sometimes be a little iffy to write about. Nobody likes sunshine 24/7, and “amazing! love! favorite!” gets boring after awhile.

But we’re going to have to keep on trucking with the rainbows for one more post, at least, because yesterday I for-real got to live out a total childhood dream, and it was so exciting. (OK, maybe it was an adulthood dream as well, thanks to my tiny little obsession with ANTM.)

I spent yesterday at the Hearst Building (pictured above) doing a shoot for a full page (! stop it) in the March issue of Cosmopolitan. When I got the call, I just about died. And then freaked out and died again, because: Cosmopolitan. 

What I brought with me: some favorite pieces of jewelry (that necklace is Kyler by Joy O) and the product featured in the shoot, Olay’s Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer (it’s lightweight and evens out color and moisturizes and combats aging and is generally fantastic).

Can you tell I was a little excited to get going?

Look #1: beachy waves and red lips.

Look #2 – sort of a modern ballerina thing, with major cat-eyes and pale lips – was my favorite.

On set wearing H&M.

You know what was the wildest part of this whole thing for me? I used to model when I was younger, but stopped around age 18 because a) I wasn’t really a “model”; more of a commercial-type kid, and 2) I went to college, and by the time I graduated I had pretty much aged out of the whole deal. So to have this very cool opportunity – an opportunity that I would never have gotten when I was actually nibbling around the edges of the business – now, at the age of 31…it was the most unexpected thing in the world, and just floored me.

P.S. The first thing I did this morning was spend a good half hour cleaning up after a dog with a very sad tummy. Just, you know, for balance.

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