Everyone Needs To Own One Of These

Meet our new addition.

Virgil and I love it so.

It’s basically a glorified space heater, and sure, the faux-flame effect is a little cheeseball, but do I care one bit? Oh no.

It’s adorable, and keeps our living room toasty, and saves us on heating bills, and did I mention that I love it?

I do.

We picked up ours in Amish Country, but you can buy it for significantly less (whoops) here.

  • We had one of these in our second flat, absolutely loved it.
    We also had a bit of piping which the landlord put on top to make it look like it was a proper chimney flue. (Fooled us for several months until we knocked it off whilst dusting!)

  • Ashley

    My parents bought me this as an house warming gift when I moved into my apartment. Love it!

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