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Fall-To-Winter Hair Challenges

Hair-wise, I’m all about the cold months. I love that you get to start playing with deep, rich hair colors, I love all the wintry accessories (cozy hats, sparkly clips, feathers, all that)…and I especially love the absence of humidity, because I have bangs (or at least I do whenever I manage to make it to the salon to get them trimmed), and bangs and humidity are not friends.

But winter also comes along with its own set of haircare-related challenges: everything from slushy days to static to plain old it’s-freezing-and-I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed-early-enough-to-wash-my-hair can present a problem for your lovely locks.

The Problem: Slushy Days

The Solution: Weather-Proof Waves

It’s the worst kind of weather there is: that kind of freezing drizzly half-rain/half-snow stuff that makes you want to crawl straight back into bed and never leave. It also can leave your hair looking…well…not its best.

What to do? Try this solution for easy, relaxed, weather-proof waves: First, apply Dove Style+Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse (no crunch, promise) to damp hair. Blow-dry straight, then divide hair into two low ponytails. Braid each section, and then tuck braids up under your hat. When you arrive at work just unbraid your hair, apply a small amount of Dove Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum, and you’re good to go.

The Problem: Static and Frizz

The Solution: Intense Moisture

Static hair is rooted in dryness, so if you’re dealing with flyaway strands the first step is to introduce an intensive conditioner (I use Dove’s Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner* in the winter) to your haircare regime. After blow-drying hair smooth, apply a small amount of serum to hair before heading out the door.

(And if all else fails? The old trick of running a dryer sheet over your hair does actually work in a pinch.)

The Problem: I’m Too Cozy In My Bed To Get Up And Wash My Hair

The Solution: Dry Shampoo

I turn into the laziest person in the world on winter mornings: there’s nothing I want less than to leave my cozy bed and run through a chilly house to the shower. So I get it: there are some mornings when washing your hair just isn’t happening. Enter: dry shampoo (try Dove’s Invigorating Dry Shampoo*), which is a total miracle product and way easier to use than you may think.

(Click here for a Dry Shampoo How-To Tutorial.)

The Problem: Style Boredom

The Solution: Awesome Accessories

If all else fails, a great hat, knit headband, or pair of earmuffs can be your very best friend. Below, some of my favorite styles at the moment:

French connection

Kate spade

Juicy Couture blue fedora hat
$95 –

Club monaco
*As Dove’s Hair Brand Ambassador, all products referenced in this post were provided by Dove.
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