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Wedding Wear: Sequins In The Woods

When I posted a picture of what I wore to Stephen and Dave’s wedding on Instagram, reader Olivia wrote back “Are you wearing a bralet to a wedding?”


Close. (Click here for backstory if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

I bought this stretchy sequined bodysuit-and-skirt combo way back during my junior year of high school – I remember I found it in a little boutique on the Lower East Side rather than, you know, Betsey Johnson (where my friends and I usually shopped for formal events), which made me feel just too cool for words. And I wore it to pieces right through my sophomore year of college, when I decided that all that sequined tightness looked a little cheesy on me, and abandoned it to the recesses of my closet.

But then last Friday, trying to figure out what to wear to the wedding, I took another look, and realized: huh. That thing is approaching “vintage” territory (apparently the standard for “vintage” pieces is anything over 15 years old), which means it’s starting to take on a touch of retro awesomeness.

(P.S. Things I bought in high school are vintage.

That’s horrifying. And also means that my tendency to hold on to dresses for decades is about to pay off.)

I can’t help but continue to feel a little hokey in tight tops with sequins on them, and so I decided to keep the rest of the look toned-down and natural, in keeping with the woodsy setting.

Rather than a fancy wrap (my usual pick for weddings) I chose a cozy knit sweater, and instead of my usual high-sparkle accessories I decided to go for a rustic vibe with a gold twig necklace, wooden beaded bracelets, and a brown leather clutch.

On me: Ohm bodysuit, Daryl K. skirt, vintage belt, clutch c/o Brahmin, DKNY sweater, Mikimoto pearl earrings, LyraLoveStar crescent ring, Jessie Lane beaded bracelets, Hannah Warner necklace, chloe + isabel silver bangles.

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