This Weekend: Go Apple Picking!

This time of year is one of the main reasons that I wanted to move to the Hudson Valley: fall is without question my favorite season, and this part of the world is like the epicenter of autumnal gorgeousness and fun things to do.

Yesterday we took a mini-road trip to Warwick, N.Y. (about an hour and a half outside the city) for some apple-picking, wine-tasting, and town-exploring. Reader Adrienne asked me (via Instagram) if the place is worth the trip…and yes. It’s just everything that you look for in a fall day trip (but if apple-picking is what you’re most interested in go soon, because the trees get kind of picked over by October).

Indy (sort of) picked this one all by himself. And then tried to stuff the entire thing into his mouth.

Where we ended up after a little Googling: Applewood Orchards, which also has a country store, a petting zoo, truly excellent donuts, a winery, and what looks like a children’s theater (it wasn’t open when we were there).

Hanging in the wine-tasting room. We went home with a local Riesling because they suggested steaming mussels in it, and I’m always swayed by the inclusion of wine in recipes (besides, I’ve never made mussels before, and have been wanting to try Jamie Oliver’s recipe).

So big.

I know, this post is a little heavy on the Indy pics, but hey, such things happen when you take your very first family trip to an apple orchard.

After the orchard we headed into town for lunch, and ended up eating at Yesterday’s, a spot with truly excellent Shepherd’s Pie that I remembered from when we filmed the JITH Bed & Breakfast segment in Warwick. Speaking of that segment, if you make the trip I highly recommend spending the night at the Warwickshire B&B, which is hands-down one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been to.

P.S. That photo above was literally the best shot of the three of us we could manage. Someone was ready for a nap.

And then we came home and hung out on the grass for awhile.

This picture slays me. It’s such a cliche…but oh man, he’s growing up fast.

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