Oh, Hello

OK. So I’m trying my absolute hardest to be a functional adult about what has turned out to be a totally annoying but also totally necessary purchase: a second car. You see, driving Kendrick to and from the train station at random times every day is, while doable, also not really a sustainable situation, because said driving makes it impossible to do things like establish a comfortable morning or nighttime routine for our 11-month-old. Or make a dinner that doesn’t get eaten in the neighborhood of 9PM.

Anyway, I’m trying to be smart about this one, and keep the emotions out of it. But you know how buying another car for the sole purpose of driving it to and from a train station makes me feel?

Like this:

Of course, what we’re going to end up getting is a used early 2000s something-or-other, but, I mean, jeez, if we have to have another car, could it at least be…I don’t know…



In awesomely fortuitous turn of events, I just started working on a new program with Isaac Mizrahi (yep, the Isaac Mizrahi) and Chevy, and am spending the next week test-driving…

ba da daaa…

a brand-new, 2013 Chevy Malibu.

(Yeah, I know. And no, in my ordinary life people don’t usually show up on my doorstep handing me the keys to a fabulous vehicle and saying “Enjoy!” This is a new one for me.)

So this next week will obviously be pretty fun, but more importantly, it’ll serve as a nice little test case for whether life really is easier with a second car in the mix and worth the extra expense. Plus, having the opportunity to try out all sorts of neat features (remote access, that dashboard-camera-thing that lets you see what’s behind you when you reverse, the aforementioned redness, etc) is a pretty cool opportunity.

Pop quiz: Guess which car is going to and from the train station with Kendrick every day, and guess which one is staying right here with me, thankyouverymuch?


Anyway, this collaboration is also about the fact that Isaac’s newest collection (which will be available on LivingSocial in mid-October) is based on the Malibu, so it’s also going to involve a trip to Isaac’s studio, some fall styling tips, and…

a giveaway of the entire collection for one Ramshackle Glam reader.


Exclamation points all over the place today.

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