Weekend Snapshots

Attention, NY-ers (and assorted East Coasters): Nyack is a really, really adorable day-trip spot. It’s also right across the Tappan Zee Bridge (which is gorgeous itself), making it an easy day trip spot (it’s about ten minutes from our front door; about 45 minutes from the city).

It’s all antiques and thrift stores and little pubs and cute brunch spots. It’s fantastic.

Here’s us at lunch at Casa Del Sol, playing with our friend Spaceman.

…And then hurling Spaceman straight onto the ground to get Mom to pick him up over and over (and over and over), which we have discovered is our New Favorite Thing.

One of my favorite sightings in Tarrytown: this incredible rattan chair-for-two. Isn’t that crazy? (The entire store, Hacienda, is a must-see if you head up there.)

Another favorite: a store inside the Franklin Antiques Building that specializes in wild, rockabilly-esque “rehabs” of everyday pieces (an old-fashioned refrigerator transformed into a sort of tiki lantern hotel, a Hawaiian monkey lamp, a glitter desk)…and does custom orders, if you know someone who might like, say, a skateboard adorned with crazy graffiti.

We also made Stroller Statements…

…and picked up a brand-new Sandra Boynton (the cutest one ever, I think).

We finished up the trip with a little thrifting (more on that in a mo’). Here’s Kendrick being unimpressed with my car-packing skills.

Sunday was so beautiful that it even got me into my running shoes. I haven’t really gotten back into exercise since Indy was born (other than doing the daily equivalent of working out on a Stairmaster while carrying a watermelon, which counts in my book)…and, you know…weirdly (for me), I miss it. I’m also embarrassed at how out-of-shape I am at the moment (15 minutes down to the lake, around the woods and back had me done for), but baby steps, I guess.

Sunday morning also included a little guitar practice…

And as much time as possible bonding with my hammock. (Seriously, it’s even better in the fall, with pillows and blankets. I didn’t know such a thing was possible.)

Then it was off to the mall to pick up a Halloween costume (we were going to do a whole big thing, but then realized that Halloween is probably going to involve an early-evening stroll around town with one of us looking cute and one of us wearing our go-to cat ears, then a Saw or three after Indy hits the sack, and decided…you know what? Let’s keep it relaxed, and try not to panic anyone by stuffing them into poofy pumpkin-heads or what have you.)

And then we ended the weekend with Rosh Hashanah dinner at my Aunt Debbie’s with family. Yum.

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