Not The Best Morning

You know you’ve had better days when you’ve hung out with a bunch of cops before the sun is even fully up.

What is it, 8:58? I’ve been awake for about three hours now dealing with a kind of fussy baby (we were out a little late last night for Rosh Hashana dinner with my family in the city, and tired babies don’t sleep well, plus he’s teething, etc etc) and being generally busy and a little flustered: running around walking the dogs, preparing for today’s shoot, making breakfast, getting our stuff into the car, all that.

I finally wrangled the dogs into the house and had everything packed up and ready to go, and I put Indy into the car seat and put my keys down next to him, and then shut the door…and then in the .05 seconds between when I shut the rear door and when I went to open the front door to get in the car, guess who figured out how to press the auto-lock button?


Oh my god.

We have extra keys in the house, but I had already very diligently locked every single window and door, so police it was.

Fact: you have never seen anyone sing “The Wheels On The Bus” with their face smashed against a window as cheerily or loudly as I did for the fifteen minutes that it took to get that car door open.

On the upside, I’ve been alive for 31 years now and have never evereverever had anything even close to as pleasant an experience as I did with these officers (and the tow truck guy they called to pry open the car door, who wouldn’t even let me tip him because it was his pleasure to help out). My neighbor even came over to make sure everything was OK and to swap accidental child-locking-in/out stories.

I love this town.

Still: oh my god.

So there we go, not even 9AM yet and I’ve already learned my little lesson for the week.

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