Game-Changer: Conair ExtremeSteam Garment Steamer

I’m terrible at ironing, and should really only tackle this daunting project in small doses (and never, ever without doing extensive Googling to avoid incidents like this).

And so when, say, it’s 8:40AM and I’m supposed to be out the door ten minutes ago and I discover that my chosen outfit is wrinkly, my choices are usually 1) turn on the shower as hot as it will go to steam up the bathroom and then hang the item in there for a couple of minutes and hope that does the trick, or 2) abandon ship and choose a non-wrinkled something or other (P.S. everything I own is wrinkled right now).

Yesterday morning the needed-to-leave-ten-minutes-ago-but-shirt-is-wrinkled thing happened, but now I have a portable steamer (as opposed to those bulky ones that have stands and take up floor space), and it was wonderful in every way.

We’re talking 5 seconds to heat up, another 5 seconds to dispose of every single wrinkle, and I was out the door.

New favorite toy.

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