Over The Rainbow

From time to time on RG, I’ve used the expression “it’s not all sparkles and rainbows” (or some variation on it) to suggest that, you know, it’s wonderful to have a positive outlook, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live in a fairytale haze where you don’t confront the reality that sometimes things can go wrong.

I’ve also written that I tend to favor neutrals over brights.

So apparently it’s Opposites Day over here on RG, because today? We’ve got sparkles and rainbows all over the place.

More Than a Feeling with Swarovski: Hope by ramshackleglam featuring neon jewelry

I’m hosting Swarovski’s launch of their Emotis figurines with a contest over on Polyvore, and that is quite the happy coincidence, because the figurine pictured here is called ‘Hope’. And I’m moving tomorrow morning (wrapping up the packing today; apologies for the out-of-touchness this week).

And so my mindset at the moment is, in a nutshell, this:


I was at the house on Monday doing our living room makeover, and both my neighbors and my mailman stopped by to say hi and to welcome me to the neighborhood. I ran over to the Y to sign up for a family membership, and learned that on the third Friday of every month Main Street closes down for a big street party for the whole town.

I washed my railings.

I hung a quilt in the sun to dry.

I made lists, and plans, and spent a good half hour just sitting on my front step, daydreaming.

And then driving back to the city, I did the whole windows-down-radio-blasting thing, and I felt…just…peaceful. Like ten thousand pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I can breathe better here.

And so hope is pretty much what I’m all about these days. Sparkles and rainbows, yes sir.

Here’s my new little buddy keeping me company at work (that’s at our now-old apartment, and FYI my desk doesn’t usually look that organized: I spruced it for the picture).

He is quite the adorable thing.

If you’d like a tiny crystal friend of your own, check out the Swarovski contest that I’m hosting over on Polyvore. I’ll be helping Swarovski to judge the entries and will announce the winner on Facebook shortly.

On me: dress c/o Lilly Pulitzer, denim jacket DIYed into a vest, Hannah Warner necklace, Jessica Hicks hoops, Steve Madden pumps, Kendrick’s RayBan sunglasses, Jessie Lane beaded bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff purse.

Polyvore set product info after the jump.

See by Chloé short dress
$385 –

Kate Spade slip on shoes

Kate spade bag

Assad Mounser neon jewelry
$345 –

Emoti – Hope
  • Adeline

    Good luck with the move!! 🙂 The idea of settling into and organising a new house is very, very exciting by proxy!