The Curative Properties Of Neon

So Friday was an emotional one for me.

But Friday afternoon was actually lovely; Gala (of Gala Darling; she was at the Summit with me, along with bloggers including HonestlyWTFGlitter GuideApartment 34, and Simple Lovely Blog) dragged me off to the Betsey Johnson clearance sale at Westfield Mall (serious clearance; we’re talking microwaves and light fixtures on sale alongside the tulle).

Betsey Johnson is not my jam (I like it on others; it’s just not the right cut for me), but across the way I found a pretty fantastic (and majorly on sale) necklace at Juicy Couture.

I’m not usually a fix-the-sads-with-shopping person, but getting to spend a couple of concentrated hours leisurely wandering around a mostly-unfamiliar city with a friend was exactly what I needed. (Also, neon = instant mood lifter.)

And then we ran off to a dinner at Bluxome Street Winery (catered by Stag Dining Group), which was as lovely as it looks.

This? Amazing. I’m not a beef carpaccio person generally, but when it’s sprinkled with parmesan, corn, caper berries, and chive flowers, apparently I want to eat it in very indelicate, non-carpaccio-esque quantities.

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