Sarah’s Sweets / Special Sauce

I’ve spoken before about the importance – nay, the absolute mandatoriness – of remembering to order a side of that magical Shack Sauce for your fries whenever you go to Shake Shack. Shack Sauce is like heaven on a cracker.

But I’m moving far, far away from the land of Shake Shacks (well, thirty minutes, anyway), to a place where the majority of hamburgers that grace my lips (oh, and there will be many) will be constructed by my own two paws.

So this summer, I’ll be whipping up some special sauce of my own (extra for the fries).

This recipe I is one I found over on new foodie blog Sarah’s Sweets…and it looks great: simple, straightforward…and Sriracha-involving.

(Image via Sarah’s Sweets; arrow and emphasis mine.) 

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