Get The Look: Retro Blend Living Space

Just discovered this gorgeous space over on Smile And Wave (click here to check out more images of the room) and am totally inspired. I love how they blended clean midcentury lines with vintage light fixtures and splashes of country-cozy, and then threw in a few weather-beaten signs just to make the whole thing exactly up my alley.

This is what I’m talking about when I refer to a space that’s “collected” rather than “decorated”…and as you can see, “mismatched” doesn’t have to mean “messy”.

Of course the best way to achieve this look is by putting on your thrifting pants and hitting an excellent patch of luck, but if you’re not into scouring your local flea markets, below are some purchase-able ways to get your own retro blend.

Some of the above pieces are affordable; others, not so much. My advice for decorating in this style? Thrift as much as you can, and purchase only those key elements that you simply can’t live without. Because the real key to this look is loving what’s around you and making it your own.

Product info after the jump.

Clockwise from top right: Cola-Red “Memphis” chair, faux Eames rocker (find them on Etsy or Overstock), Leeds mirror ($199), sheepskin rug ($109), crochet blanket (50 EUR), Retro Planet tin sign ($18), vintage typewriter ($215), Navajo-style rug ($600), Room & Board pillow ($50), Ikea Norden table ($279).

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