Weekend Snapshots: Mother’s Day Edition

Maybe a month or so after Indy was born Kendrick and I went on a date to a very cool local restaurant, and noticed, at the next table over, a very cool dad holding his very cool baby and generally just hanging out with his friends and family. It was all very cool, and we said to each other that we hoped that we’d be parents like that, the kinds who are laid-back enough to just bring our son with us wherever we go.

Not so much.

We tried it a few times early on – going out to dinner at a “normal” restaurant at a “normal” time – and…let’s just say I can think of a few better ways to spend sixty bucks than spending an hour bouncing, not eating, and avoiding the withering and/or pitying stares of other diners. But on Friday night we gave it another shot, meeting friends for dinner at Felice

and it was great. 

And I understand that being able to enjoy (really enjoy) a full meal in a restaurant with a (nearly) seven-month-old is probably the exception rather than the rule, but still…

it made me feel tres French

This, by the way, is the short rib and brisket burger at Felice, and is what I insist you get if you go there for dinner.

On Saturday, we started out at the playground…

…and then picked up the dogs, a whole bunch of delicious things, and a blanket, and headed off for a picnic in Central Park.

First family picnic! Just the best.

Sunday – my first Mother’s Day – began bright and early with a Bellini and an OK Magazine deposited into my lap while I was still in bed. Good man.

Here’s all three generations, out to brunch at 44 & X.

So that was quite the lovely weekend. I hope yours was wonderful, too!

  • Annie L.

    Hi Jordan,

    I wanted to comment and tell you how much I love your blog.  The pictures and stories you share are so inspiring.  I especially enjoy all the pictures of your adorable son, Indy! I hope you don’t take this as criticism or mean spirited but I was wondering if you’ve talked with your pediatrician about the possibility of Indy having a strabismus? 

    My father is an opthamologist and so I’m well versed and can spot this particularly well.  It’s definitely not serious and can be corrected really easily!

    I  really hope you don’t take this as a negative comment. I think Indy is beautiful!

    Annie L.

    • jordanreid

      Hi Annie! Not at all – I wondered that myself, and saw my pediatrician about it a few weeks ago. She sent me to an opthamologist, who told me that all is well – because his nose bridge is fairly wide (which apparently is pretty common in babies) it creates the appearance of slightly crossed eyes but is actually something that will self-correct as he grows older and his nose grows. I’m definitely keeping an eye on it, though – and I appreciate your concern 🙂

  • Sara

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I agree with the previous commenter and hope you will get a second opinion on Indy’s eyes. In almost every photo you post, they seem to be misaligned. It’s really common in kids and easy to fix with a patch or glasses – surgery is a last resort for really bad cases. It is so much better to treat it early on in life. I have one friend who has no depth perception and another who learned in her 20s that she’d been seeing double all her life, because of untreated problems with eye muscles that could have been picked up with a proper exam when they were very young.