Now These Are Statement Earrings

I spotted these earrings on the mannequins in the window of Bebe the other day and did a little whip-around, because they’re crazy. I mean, I’m a fan of big jewelry, but these go beyond statement earrings (they hit below the clavicle), and head straight into I-totally-couldn’t-pull-this-off territory.

What do you think? Are these too much…or just enough?

L to R: Crystal Shoulder Dusters ($15), Wrapped Hoop Feather Duster ($29), Circular Medallion and Feather ($24).

  • Valerie

    too much!

  • Francine

    I am morally opposed to feathers on earrings or any jewellery, to be honest, unless you are native American and performing in some kind of historical play. It is just wrong, cheesy-looking, etc.

  • Annabolina

    I really don’t understand Francine’s point of view here. I am confuse!

    They’re very traffic stopping! I don’t know if I could pull them off, but Jordan: you DEFINITELY could. With your hair up in an off the shoulder tee and tiny shorts? For sure.