Graduation Dresses Under $150

Q. Hey Jordan!

I’m a college senior due to graduate in less than a month. I couldn’t be more excited…except for the fact that I procrastinated and don’t have a dress. I want to be cool and comfortable while still looking chic, and stay in the $150 budget range.

Thanks so much!


A. OK, so for me a graduation dress is in line with a bridal shower dress, in that even if you dress…well, like me, this is the time to go a weeeee bit more feminine and conservative. Which is not to say that you need to be boring, not at all. Just…you know, keep everything that needs covering covered, and remember that about a zillion photos will be taken of you, so it’s probably a good idea to err on the side of “classic.”

Want to see what I wore for my graduation?

This Tracy Reese polka-dot dress was a total digression from the way I usually dressed, but I loved it…and it was exactly in keeping with the look that I’m talking about: a little retro, feminine, and classic (but with some fun little twists).

Below, three twists on graduation style for your consideration.


L to R: Anthropologie ($158), ASOS ($69), ASOS ($69), Warehouse ($136)


L to R: Anthropologie ($148), ASOS ($90), Rebecca Taylor ($375; I know, and I apologize, but this dress is just perfection…you can see some photos of me in it here); Oasis ($109)


L to R: ASOS ($73), ASOS ($90), Very ($91), Lipsy ($87)