Weekend Snapshots

The other day, I decided to take Indy on the subway by myself for the very first time.

In the rain.

At rush hour.

This, as you can imagine, was a terrible, horrible idea. Had there not been a seven-foot-tall guy (who very much resembled Clark Kent, just saying) who swooped in and lifted the stroller through the crowds, I would have just given up and taxi-ed it back home.

Lesson learned: the carrier is the way to go when I’m on my own. When it’s all three of us adventuring off somewhere, however, baby-on-subway is rather fun (he loves it).

And so on Sunday, for Indy’s half-birthday, we took him to Carroll Gardens for a little eating-and-toy-shopping.

I’ve written about Char No. 4 before; they’re very much a foodie-heaven place, but what I really love about them is a) the little enclosed sunroom area in the back, b) the fact that they’re extremely nice and accommodating about babies (we chose the place because last time we went there I was pregnant, and we noticed lots of couples with small children), and c) they allow me to have the pickle that comes in the Bloody Mary without actually ordering the Bloody Mary (both when pregnant, and when not).

If you go, get the pancakes. Do ittttt.

After lunch we stopped into a little place called Mongo, and I thought very seriously about buying one of these incredible oversized balls of yarn before remembering that all I really know how to make are baby blankets, and we’re all full up on those.

I like this picture.

I also like this one. My two little Zoolanders.

Since it was such a gorgeous day and I had to fulfill this prediction, we stopped into Gowanus Yacht Club before heading home.

Above, I’m wearing two of my new favorite things: Ippolita earrings that were an early Mother’s Day gift from the company (I love lapis and used to have an incredible pair of vintage lapis earrings, but Lucy secreted them away somewhere many apartments ago), and a vintage denim jacket with knit sleeves that I found at Urban Outfitters.

This was our Sunday brunch: a tomato, bufala mozzarella and basil scramble.

And this was our Sunday: rainy day-ing it around the house and trying things on for size.

Playing with some half-birthday presents. The usual.

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