I Have A Feeling That This Wine-Opening Trick Is As For-Real As Unicorns

What is this madness?

No…but seriously…

this isn’t possible, is it?

Wizardry! From the French!

(If you know any ways to remove wine bottle corks sans openers, please leave them in the comments for the edification of all.)

  • maye

    that can’t be good for the wine! yikes

    • jordanreid

      or your wall!

  • Katie

    What a coincidence–I literally had this exact video open last week when I found myself without a corkscrew. Long story short, it might eventually work, but you have to use so much force that you might take down your wall in the process. I eventually just broke down and got another opener.

  • i have trouble with corkscrews, but i’d be terrified to attempt this, i can see it going all kinds of wrong for me..

  • In the (terribly unfortunate) instance that I am without a corkscrew, I just push the cork into the wine bottle. This of course means you must drink the entire bottle, which is a much less unfortunate problem.

    • jordanreid

      my kinda solution!

  • Sblac017

    A screwdriver, a well placed screw and two people!

    • jordanreid

      or a hammer and a bucket.

      • Sblac017

        I think that would absolutely work. No need to be fancy.

  • Guest

    Guess no one here watches Modern Family, one of the charaters does this on the show.

  • Rebecca

    Here’s a video of some drunk people trying the shoe trick. It seems to work… 

    My dad successfully opened a bottle of wine with an electric drill once. We ended up with bits of cork in the wine, but a little cork never hurt anyone 😉

  • Stephanie

    I’m going to try this on my deck, in the event that the inevitable happens and I wind up having to get the hose 🙂

  • Alexis Arrabito

    well, there’s always this: