Pop Of…White

How many times have you heard fashion-y types go on and on about “pops of color” and how fabulous they are for drawing the eye and adding interest to outfits?

Lots, I’d bet.

I think I’ve gone on about it myself more than once.

But you know what’s even more eye-catching than a slice of neon or a hit of red?

A perfect little white dress.

There’s just no color, no matter how pop-y, that can compete with that.

It’s true, though: white dresses really get more and more appropriate the hotter out it gets. And it’s not all that hot out quite yet. But you can still make it happen!

To keep the look feeling right for right-now…well, don’t do what I’m doing in these photos, what with the bareness and such. Toughen it up a bit.

Here’s how:

Add a jacket: either a simple, boyfriend-cut denim jacket, or a short mod swing coat (click here for a bunch of pretty, affordable options).

Try slightly unexpected footwear, like Hunters during those April showers, rugged flat boots, or a mod twist on a classic kitten-heel like the Marchez Vous pair pictured here.

– Whatever you choose to pair your white dress with, keep the fabrics on the slightly rough-and-tumble side rather than going for the floaty stuff. The lacy, fringe-y shawls can come later; for now, try things like leather and denim.

– And finally, keep the whole look casual with accessories that are fun rather than froufy, and a ‘do that’s more undone than done up.

On me: Dress c/o (click here for more posts from my spring styles collaboration with Very), Isabella Fiore purse, GANT sunglasses, sandals c/o Marchez Vous