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2-Minute Makeup: Five Tips For Red Lips

I used to find red lipstick pretty intimidating, and certainly didn’t consider it something to wear during the daylight hours. You may have noticed that that’s changed, though, and now I wear it…sort of all of the time. There’s just nothing like a little red lipstick to make you look (and feel) instantly pulled-together and sprightly.

Above, some of my top tips for red lips.

Products used in this video: MAC Russian Red, MAC Studio Fix powder, Sue Devitt Lip Intensifier Pencil in Kirakira, Lipstick Queen Saint Eden.

The other stuff I’m wearing: H&M denim shirt, Swati Jr* necklace, NARS Cairo eyeshadow.

P.S. Apologies for the weird lighting shifts in this video; the sun kept popping behind clouds.

  • I never thought about having a flawless face free of redness but it makes complete sense to me know.  My upper lips is smaller than my bottom so red is tricky for me to wear.  Thank you for the tips.

    • jordanreid

      definitely, it makes a huge difference. at the corners of the mouth is another spot that sometimes helps to add a touch of concealer to.

  • Bunny

    oh my goodness, you are too cute. love it.

  • Katja

    You are beyond cute!  Thanks for the tips!

  • Chelsea

    Love it! I am going to give those a try today.

    Chelsea (

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