Cold Spring, Part Deux

What is this madness?

Seriously, what is that completely bizarre outfit I’m wearing up there (for Saturday’s day trip with the family)?

I’ll tell you.

When Kendrick and I met, I was living in Los Angeles, and he was living in New York. And after a few weeks of flying back and forth to see each other, we decided to spend a night in Vegas.

I totally knew he was going to propose.

I know, that sounds crazy – we had been dating for all of six weeks, and neither of us had even broached the idea (obviously). He didn’t even know he was going to propose – it just happened, and we had to go buy a ring at a pawn shop the next day. And it’s not like people go around proposing to me as a matter of course, so there wasn’t a whole lot of precedent there.

But I knew he was going to. Because we just made so much sense together.

And so I wanted to look special for our night in Vegas, and I borrowed this dress from Francesca – it was a vintage cream lace minidress with 3/4-length sleeves, and was (I thought) equal parts romantic and sexy. (I cropped that photo from the night we got engaged weirdly because Kendrick has demon-eyes in it, and as you can see the red-eye reduction tool isn’t my friend. Neither was the brownish-red hair I had at the time, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, Francesca let me keep the dress, partially because she’s really nice but also partially because the thing was disintegrating, and so in the years since I’ve always kept an eye out for something similar that I can wear more often without fear of it coming apart. And the other day, in H&M…I found it.

Except it was purple. And two sizes too small for me.

And so this is how I dealt with that. Plaid shirt over, tights under, and a healthy dose of looking-kinda-weird-and-not-really-caring.

Oh, and boots. Big, silver boots. Why not?

(I think, by the way, that this dress can be worn slightly less oddly in the summer, with a loose white button-down and metallic flats. But for now, this will do.)

On me: French Connection leather jacket, Kendrick’s Ray Bans, Old Navy shirt, H&M dress, boots c/o Dr. Martens, Forever 21 hoop earrings, Kenneth Cole camera bag.

And some lace dresses for you:

Product info after the jump.

L to R: TopShop ($72), Oasis ($145), Quiksilver ($64.50), ModCloth ($95), Dorothy Perkins ($44), TopShop ($96), H&M ($24.50)

  • raiiin

    i kinda like the outfit!  well…on you.  and love the story behind it.  those are some crazy boots, lady.

    ps i cut my finger on the mandoline the other night, splattered blood everywhere on the way to the er, and uhm, i thought of you.

    • jordanreid

      lol! the “cheese grater” incident – never forget.

  • Ooh. I really like the H&M dress. I might go buy it…

    • update: i did buy it. in cream. but i kind of want it in black and purple too. thanks for the new obsession! 😉

      • jordanreid

        yay! i would love to find it in black in my size. fingers crossed.

  • I love your story! One of my best friends recently recommended your blog to me for inspiration after I showed her the little lifestyle blog I just began attempting to create myself, and she had no idea just how inspirational you would be! I read the letter you shared from a reader and your response about the “what to do with my life crisis of our 20’s” and said to myself “I could have written that letter too!” and it was so wonderful to see someone like yourself (who has established something I admire) relate! I was browsing your posts and thinking to myself “this girl is my hero!” And then I came upon this one and well, my story is very similar… (I met my husband on the east coast, moved to LA shortly after, we started a little long distance thing, he moved to LA for the summer and 4th of July weekend we went to Vegas to see Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, he passed a jewelry store on his way to the bathroom while we were having dinner and decided to buy a ring and propose, I was shocked, he was shocked, after 3 months of dating we were engaged!) Anyway, thats my story and when I read yours (you’ve got me beat by the way!) I just had to share with you how excited I am to find a new source of inspiration!  So thank you!

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