Bait And Switch

So remember when I dyed myself blue? On set in Des Moines?

On Friday morning, I had a flashback to that shining moment of sartorial triumph.

This project is obviously one that I’m pretty excited about, and so while I wasn’t nervous per se – auditions give me the willies, but once I’m on a set I’m happy as a clam – I definitely wanted everything to go smoothly, especially because we were working on a fairly tight schedule in the morning. So before getting into bed on Thursday night, I made sure that all my location releases were printed out, my cameras were charged and packed, and my carefully-selected outfit was hung on the back of my chair. I even knew what I was planning to eat for breakfast, just like I did on days when I had big tests in high school.

And in the morning, I calmly got ready to go, made sure I had everything I needed, and was all set to walk out the door when I caught sight of myself in the mirror in my pretty new flowery dress and thought: you know what? This could use a quick ironing.

But your resident Space Cadet thought it would be a good idea to smack the iron down on a polyester dress with nothing to protect it from the heat…and…

I melted it.


So my lovely, relaxed morning turned into a last-minute mad tear through my closet…but all was well in the end, and I quite liked what I ended up in.

Which was this.

As you can see, I had quite the little accessories party. (From left to right, the bracelets are chloe + isabel, Swati Jr*, and ROXoxox.)

On me: Guess by Marciano sunglasses, Forever 21 blouse and blazer, H&M shorts, La Rok jacket, Anthropologie charm necklace, Kenneth Cole camera bag, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Aldo wedges, vintage belt, FingerPaints polish in Pop Rocks Pink, cuff and earrings c/o Swati Jr*, black wrap bracelet c/o ROXoxox.

Product info after the jump.

Aritzia jacket ($120), Ovi blazer ($60), Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse ($250, or try this Forever 21 blouse), Jeffrey Campbell loafers ($135), Fred Flare sunglasses ($14), 2b shorts ($33).