Lust Object: Chartreuse Wallpaper

I am obsessed with this Graham & Brown pattern and am thisclose to ordering it for my office-to-be in a home that I do not yet own (we’re still contract-ing).

Question for you: if you were to put this paper on one wall in a room, what color would you do on the other three walls? I’m leaning towards some shade of white so as not to get too crazy with it – that paper is crazy enough – but am open to suggestion.

Update: Very pale dove grey, yes – and I love JulieGirlie’s suggestion to add some bright pink peonies.

  • that’s pretty but in small doses of course! i’m kind of obsessed with cocktails that contain chartreuse as of late. apparently only a couple monks know the recipe at any given time! tres chic!

  • HT

    I personally wouldn’t want to leave the walls white (or any variation of white). I’d do a light or medium shade of grey… nothing too dark, though. My (oddly specific) favorite shade of grey is Martha Stewart paint in Sharkey Grey, although I would probably go for something a little cooler/blue-based than that color to go with that wallpaper.

  • raiiin

    oooh how about putting the wallpaper on the ceiling (uhm, although wallpaper-ing is a pain in itself so it might be 10x more annoying ha)?  and i’d go with gray for the walls and all-white furniture!  the gray won’t be too dreary if the room gets a lot of light.

    yay house!

  • mariesquash

    Maybe a cream/ivory color? That wallpaper is definitely to die for though!!

  • Megan

    I love the idea of that wallpaper with gray walls. Depending on the light in the room, you could go with a light gray, but it would also look really cool with charcoal gray walls.

  • Ebrs929

    Pale Grey!!!! Looks like there are lots of shades to choose from in that paper too. 🙂

  • mere

    Gray – light to medium.  I think the darker but not too dark, with white furniture.

  • RS

    Be really careful with grays. I speak from experience – many shades that look perfect on the swatch skew lavender on the wall. Do lots of tests in all different lights!

    • jordanreid

      excellent point, thank you.

  • Shirleybemine

    I love the color and pattern!  I would try a light grey that is able to project light. Mostly white furniture with some black or dark charcoal pieces would look nice.  Have fun!

  • That is gorgeous! My current office is painted completely bright yellow and it’s such a fun, sunny shade for a room in which you have to work.

  • Ben

    Light grey – yellow and grey is such a great combination. Not that anyone will notice the other walls with a fabulous Graham & Brown pattern!