Well, We Tried

So yesterday we put an offer in on a house we loved (the one I took these photos outside of), and this morning I found out that we didn’t get it. You know how it’s supposedly this Terrible Horrible Housing Market right now? Well, despite that fact we somehow managed to find ourselves in the midst of a bidding war, and ended up dramatically outbid – like, we couldn’t even begin to compete with how far above the asking price the couple who won the home went.

I’m sort of surprised by how sad I am. I mean, I didn’t even know that this property existed a month ago…but now I’ve spent a few weeks thinking about it, and filling the rooms with our things, and imagining a whole life for us between those walls. It’s less that I’m mourning the loss of the house than it is that I’m mourning the loss of the memories that I had imagined us making – memories that haven’t even happened yet, so of course the fact is that what I’m mourning is a fantasy, and nothing that should really be mourned at all. But still.

I know that our perfect home is out there, and that when we find it I’ll be fine with the fact that we didn’t end up moving into this one – maybe even relieved. I also know that as things go this is nothing to cry over, because this is an exciting adventure regardless of how you slice it…but even so: today, I’m kinda bummed out.

In other news, did you know that Yo Gabba Gabba is Baby Magic? My three-month-old son is sitting next to me right now staring at the TV screen (yes, bad, I know: I’m keeping it to 20 minutes a day) and kicking his legs and laughing like a lunatic. It’s making me feel better just looking at him. He couldn’t care less about having a backyard so long as Foofa (or whatever her name is – the pink one) keeps on keepin’ on.

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